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Art.Nr.: op-lounge-ls
Hersteller: OePhi

OePhi's brand new entry level speaker cable offers startling musical insight, details and the same natural tonal balance that OePhi cables has become known for. 

The Lounge speaker cable has been designed from the ground up to be both practical and discrete while maintaining the hallmark sound properties of the higher level OePhi cables i.e. speed, openness, neutrality, articulation and timing.

Despite its modest price, the Lounge cable feels as much at home in a hiend system as it does with more modestly priced gear. It is the perfect cross-over cable for those who are either beginning to build their first serious hifi system or for those who want the most from their existing gear but have a limited budget for cables.

Technical features: Cotton damped air-dielectric, optimized cable geometry with perfectly tuned electrical and mechanical properties, very low capacitance and low inductance, silver plated pure copper conductors.
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