Lector Phono System MM/MC Phonovorverstärker

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Art.Nr.: phono system (MM/MC)
Hersteller: Lector

The Phono Amp-System  is a complete phono riaa with all tubes preamplifier that operate on class A without any local or total feedback circuity.  This preamplifier provide the right amplification and equalization to the riaa standard  at the phono moving magnet and moving coil  cartridge signal. The circuity use  five tubes as  ECC 88/6922  for moving coil and two ECC-81/12AT7 for moving magnet (as passive riaa equalization) and one ECC-81/12AT7 for output as cathode follower adaptor, all tubes are accurate selected at very low noise operation. A innovative circuity designed from engineer of Lector make  the control of the bias by optical devices and a special circuity control the cathode operation at very low noise the moving coil inputs device. It's possible to change the input resistance of  MC cartridge  by external RCA- resistor plug  for to have better interface between cartridge and input tube.

We supply four pair off  plug-resistor set as per value off: 30 ohm (Blue plug) 100 ohm (Black plug) 470 ohm (Green plug) and 1000 ohm (Yellow plug). With this PLUG-RESISTOR you can optimize the right resistance value of your MC cartridge.
The exceptional signal to noise ratio togheter a hi-gain operation allow to overtaking the limitation of transformer step-up (distorsion and frequency response limits).

C O N V E N I E N C E  and   O P T I O N A L

-Cherry wood veenerede for lateral side panels (optional)
-Separate power supply unit for ultra low noise operation (series)
-Low noise selected tubes as 6922 ( 2 unit series) and 12AT7 (3 unit series)
-Hi-shielded metal frame chassis
-Three power supply toroidal transformer
-Cathode controlled circuit for reducing the noise ground (special circuit patended by Lector)
-Cathode opto circuit for 12AT7 riaa moving magnet
-Two separate inputs: first for moving magnet and second for moving coil

-Black ash plexiglass front panel as 8 mm tickness
-passive riaa equalization by only precision and selected components


(all measure by Audio Precision System One @ 230 V ac)

Type:   MC and MM all tube step-up preamplifier by 6922 (2) /12AT7(3)

Input:   MC and MM both at 47 Kohm variable by RCA plug

Gain:   66 db (Mc) and 47 db (Mm)

Frequency Response:  20 - 50Khz +/- 0.15 db

Noise ratio:   66 db ( A )MC  70 db (A)MM

Output Impedance:   290 ohm

Voltage available:   Power supply unit available @: 230-240 Vac / 110-120 Vac / 100V ac all voltage at 50 - 60 Hz
Overall Dimension and weight:   400 x 85 x 300 (L x H x D mm) for main unit
                                                   225 x 85 x 300 ( L x H x D  mm)  for PSU

Weight:   9 Kg  net

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